The Trivium Method by Stellar Writing: 


How A Distressed Computer Science Grad Student Paved the Way For You to Write YOUR Book QuicklyEasily, and Beautifully


This computer science student made me simplify the two most powerful techniques to write well and fast. Now it's available to anybody who wants to increase their earnings by writing a compelling book!


From the dusty, coffee-stained desk of Léandre Larouche

Saguenay, Canada 🇨🇦


Greetings from the True North, my friend!


If you’re here today, you are intrigued by the idea of learning to write a compelling book.


Now, if you’re like most people, you don’t want to write a book for the sake of it.


You want to write a book because it will make you stand out from the crowd, impress people in your field, and give you an exhilarating sense of accomplishment.


You want to write a book because it will increase your authority, credibility, trust — and thus your earnings!


But there are two forces in conflict. 


1. There’s the little voice in your head that says you're not a writer.


2. There are the gurus who say it’s easy peasy and you can just do it in thirty days — or outsource it...


 … both of which are wrong.


Let's set the record straight once and for all.


No one is born a great writer, and everybody can become one. 


Writing is a science. Period.


I used to suck at everything mathematics. Then I became an entrepreneur, so I learned about accounting.


I learned the 20% that gives me 80% of the results.


I did that by listening to accounting experts. 


Today I still get help from people who are better at accounting than I am.


But I've learned accounting because I can't afford to not know what I'm doing financially.


Neither can you afford to not know what you're doing when it comes to writing a book.


The gurus who say you can write a book are not writing experts. Their promises are ridiculous.


More ridiculous still is the idea of hiring a ghostwriter. You've probably heard the stories of experts paying over $40,000 to get their book written...


...only to hate it.


Dean Graziosi went through that ordeal and his face while recounting the story is... well, not thrilled, let's put it that way.


The good news is, there is a solution to shut up the little voice in your head and the book publishing gurus.


It's a solution no one ever talks about.


A solution proven time and time again over centuries and across borders (I'm not exaggerating — we’re talking about millennia.)


It’s the only effective and sustainable solution to writing a book that makes an impact and brings you profits.


This solution is a simple system based on two things: the first is the oldest, most robust method to handle ideas, and it dates back to Ancient Greece.


The second is a six-letter word that dates back to 1751. 


Before I tell you all about that system, though, there are a couple of things we need to get out of the way.


First thing: if you're looking for a solution that requires no work, no time, no effort, you're in the wrong place. If you don't care about producing quality work, this isn't for you.


Second thing: I’m a writing expert and a voracious reader. I care about the craft. If you don’t care about growing, if you don’t enjoy learning new things and sharing your knowledge, we're not going to be a fit.


I'm not making this powerful methodology available to everyone. I only want it in the hands of people who are going to fully leverage it.


To use this system, a paradigm shift is needed. And there's work involved.


It’s not exactly hard work, but it’s work anyway.


If you’ve spent years developing your expertise, you’ll recognize it as a worthy investment...


... and if you care about your personal growth, you’ll love it. 


I can spare you the guesswork and the hard work and give you the frameworks.


But you need to put in some work.


Now, if this all sounds good to you and you’re thinking, “heck yeah! I want to know all about this thing” but you don’t feel like reading the rest of this page for your own reasons… 


... I’m going to make it easy for you.


Just click here to book a 40-minute call with me — and we’ll talk about whether that’s a good fit for you.


Otherwise, keep reading because it gets real good (excuse the grammar).


Let’s talk about the deeper reason why you want to stand out in your field.


You want to matter and you want your expertise to be visible.


It’s not selfish. It isn't egotistical either. 


The people who say so don't understand human nature. 


Making an impact is one of the most fulfilling things a human being can do. We are built to serve.


As an expert in your field, you do have something important to say. You are already making an impact, and it can be amplified.


But if you’ve been meaning to write a book and haven’t yet, that’s because you feel like you haven’t become all you can be.


There are lots of ways to get authority, credibility, and trust and today’s world.


But no matter what happens, having written a book is incomparable.


Being a published author never gets old.


We still read Marcus Aurelius, don’t we? You know what time of history he’s been around...


Now, let’s be real, there are several ways you could have shortcut your way through writing a book.


You could have paid a ghostwriter.


You could have written a 50-page guide and convinced yourself it's a real book.


You could have put all your social media posts and throw them in a book.

But you haven’t...


... because you want to write a book yourself, and you want to do it right.


You’d rather be like Marcus Aurelius than... well, I can’t give you any names because the people who botch their books aren’t memorable.


Long story short, you’re flirting with the idea of writing a book the right way, and that’s why it’s taking you so long to get started.


That’s also why you're not sure if you have what it takes. And that’s why you’re making excuses about time, skills, logistics, etc.


But these are excuses because they hide the real problem. The real problem is you don’t believe you have something important enough to say to write a book on it and that you have the skills to do it right.


Be honest with yourself.


Otherwise, you would have written that book years ago. Correct?


Now, let me be clear. You’re not to blame for not knowing where to start, what to do, and how to do it. A lot of what people say about book writing is plain wrong, incorrect, damaging...


... I could list adjectives on and on because it makes me mad.


In the past decade, the book writing market exploded…


Which gave birth to A LOT of book coaches and book publishing companies that really aren’t that good. Which in turn fired the ire of the purists.


Uh. Oh. Not the ire of the purists, right?


In all seriousness, here’s the problem:


Elitists make you feel as though you're not good enough to write a book. Meanwhile, gurus claim that writing a book is only about getting the “bestseller” status.


I call this “duo of wrongo”. Each camp is more wrong than the other. It’s a never-ending circle of being wrong.


You and I know you have something valuable. You and I know that quality and substance matters.


So we need to bridge the gap.


Here’s what you need to realize: you can’t have something important to say unless you do the work required.


I’ll repeat it for the people in the back: you cannot have something important to say unless you do the work required


In other words, importance doesn’t materialize out of anywhere. 


You CREATE it.


Here’s the real, most fundamental problem in the knowledge economy:


Most experts, consultants, and coaches write and talk at a low level. They stay at the surface level. They don’t sit down and think about how their expertise relates to the laws of nature. They don’t realize how important their work is.


In other words, they don’t think in a fundamental way.


And, as a result, they don’t become all they can be. They don’t become preeminent in their field and they don't earn as much as they could.


Do you pay attention to what’s going on online?


Frauds are everywhere, and they are winning. Frauds publish books on topics they have no genuine expertise on, and they pretend to be something they’re not.


Only they are winning because the real, legitimate experts like you are waiting to take action.


Your conscientiousness and your ethics are what makes you an expert. You wouldn’t publish something not up to par, and I understand that. 


I’m the same, and that’s why I only have one book out so far.


But your conscientiousness and your ethics are also holding you back and feeding the frauds of this world.


Well, my expert friend, I came to tell you that you no longer need to wait to take action. 


You can reconcile your work ethic and your desire to write a compelling book.


You can do that while also pulling the rug from under the feet of the frauds.  


Listen, if you’ve been wanting to write a book and haven’t yet, you’ve understood something crucial. 


You haven’t become all you can be as an expert. 


In other words, you are not of the complacent ones.


But how do you write the book that makes you become all you can be and gives you the authority in your field?


This is where most experts tend to go wrong. 


They know they want to write a book and that it’s good for their career or business. But the thinking stops here. Then the gurus convince them of taking shortcuts. The gurus sell them the fame and the quick riches.


But that doesn’t work. A friend of mine, a successful sales mentor, once published a book she wrote in a day. The book became a bestseller, but guess what? She’s still making money off the book, yet she regrets it. 


She hates the book.


She's embarrassed. 


She’s the first to say it's garbage and she's vowed to do things differently next time.


She’s seen first-hand the problem of easy publishing (I call it “fast-food publishing).


It makes us complacent.


And this is where the new system comes in...


... the system made of two things.

1. The oldest, most robust method to handle ideas, and it dates back to Ancient Greece.

2. A 6-letter word that dates back to 1751.


The system is called the Stellar Writing Process... (I used the word Stellar because it means both "outstanding" and "related to the stars." When you can write a compelling book, the sky is the limit with your career or business.)


... and it's based on the trivium and the Socratic method.


These two things come straight from the greatest minds the West has bred.

I'll go through the trivium and the Socratic method, but what you need to know is that the Trivium Method makes them simple. (I'll explain how I was able to simplify it later.)


The Socratic Method:


The Socratic method is a form of dialogue based on asking questions to stimulate critical thinking and to draw out ideas and underlying presuppositions.


It was used by ancient Greek philosophers to get to Truth, and it is still used to this day, including in interviewing. The Socratic method is the single most powerful way to think through ideas and arguments.


Without the Socratic method, it's very hard to find what your big idea is and how to articulate it in a compelling way for your audience.


The Trivium:


You can think of the Trivium as the expert’s kryptonite. It’s what gives experts the capacity to write a compelling book that will make them preeminent.


The Trivium is the first three of the seven liberal arts (grammar, logic, and rhetoric). According to Plato, they’re the foundations for a great education. It’s the very basis of our civilization and the intellectual legacy we carry on.


Without the Trivium, you can’t write the book you’ve always dreamed of because you don't have the tools.


More than that, you're missing out on the opportunity to be the most compelling you.


Now you may be thinking, that sounds complicated. The trivium may be intimidating, but that’s only because of the elitists. You’d be surprised at how simple it is. But few people are willing to tell you so.



How did I simplify them?


To give you some context, I’ve been in the academic world for a long time. I know how complicated and obscure professors tend to make things.


But I've also been involved in the professional and entrepreneurial worlds...


... and I can tell you there are a lot of missed opportunities. Opportunities to make an impact through the written word.


The Socratic method and the Trivium are necessary for any career-driven person or businessperson. There's no doubt about that.


And although most find they're "not writers," they are in a great position to understand good writing. 


Only, things need to be simple.


Things need to be systematized.


Before I tell you more about my background and how I've come up with my system, I want to be very clear: 


I am not going to feed you B.S. and try to convince you that we’ve gone through the same things. Most marketers these days try to convince you that you are so alike, and it deeply annoys me because I know in most cases, it's not the truth. When looking for a teacher, we don't need someone who is like us. We need someone who can do the job. 


The truth is, I likely have a different background than you do when it comes to writing. The struggles I’ve been through, however, have put me in a position where I can help you.


For one thing, I’ve loved writing since I’m 15 years old. In high school, I excelled at anything involving writing. The only thing I can say I’m an expert at, in fact, is writing. Perhaps wine tasting, too, if that counts.


But here’s the thing: I didn’t start writing in English. I grew up in the French-speaking part of Canada, where literally no one spoke English. The squirrels had a better English fluency level than the people living in the area.


Yet, for some reason, I was obsessed with the English language. I didn’t want to limit my potential to one place and one culture, so I decided I’d do whatever it takes to become fluent in English and to write beautifully in that language.


Little did I know, the English language is made difficult by its simplicity. Writing in English is a thousand times easier than writing in most languages. But simple is hard to achieve and clarity is gained through tremendous effort.


Needless to say, I learned writing in English the hard way. Nothing made sense to me at first. My writing was terrible and convoluted for a while. I enrolled in a university in English literature and professional writing, and I felt like a fraud for a good while. One of my professors even said my paper sounded like a bad translation machine at one point. (It stirred a fire inside of me.)


Nonetheless, my writing was deemed above average and I understood the English language like no one else.


As a result, two wonderful women took a chance on me and gave me a job as a college writing assistant. For three years, I helped students of all ages and all backgrounds become better writers and master the writing process. To this day, it’s still my favorite job…


In fact, I made it my full-time job by becoming a writing coach.


Working as a writing assistant gave me the opportunity to see the best and the worst of writing. I worked with native English speakers just as much as I worked with people who spoke English as their fourth language. So I got creative in explaining to them how to improve and become effective.


But I never got as creative as when Nadia walked in the writing center for the first time… 


Nadia was a master’s student in computer science from Pakistan. She sat down on the chair and said her thesis supervisor had told her to come here. She then proceeded to tell me her supervisor had said, “your writing is so bad it’s a disrespect to the reader.” 


Ouch, I thought.


I looked at Nadia’s writing, and there were indeed some challenges. But the biggest challenge of all was for me to explain Nadia what great writing is. She came from a totally different background, was in a totally different discipline, and had no interest in becoming Shakespeare.


She just wanted to get her Masters’ degree.


Now my strength as a writing assistant — or was it my weakness? — was that I cared too much. I went all in to figure out a way for Nadia to overcome her writing challenges. I wanted her to enjoy writing, to do it effectively, and to produce a distinguished thesis.


And that’s how I started developing unique frameworks and methods based on the Socratic method and the trivium. It all started with Nadia, but I’ve used the frameworks dozens of people with varying educations.


I’ve even used it to help adult learners seeking to improve their writing skills for the HiSET exam.


The frameworks and methods worked with everyone they were used with because they’re simplified as much as possible. They’re also as comprehensive as they can be, so they leave nothing important out.


Any expert, coach, or consultant can learn them quickly and apply them to write a book that will give them the authority and credibility and raise them to preeminence in their field. They can use the trivium to their advantage.


But that’s not all…


By mastering the Trivium, they not only write the most compelling book they can in the shortest time possible. They also become the most compelling version of themselves, which puts them ahead of their competition.


The experts working with me can write their book in more or less 4 months. As they do so, they learn the fundamentals of one of the most important skills in the world: writing.


As a result, they’re able to enjoy the author’s status — and, most of all, to be the best author they can be.


But there are a few important things. The way I work is process-focused. I don’t take shortcuts and I don’t do the work for people.


I don’t hand people the keys to the kingdom. I help them find the keys so they can enter and stay.


I have no patience for people who don't want to work for their results. I work with passionate people who are dangerously committed to their growth. If you’re not willing to be changed by the process, then you are not a good fit.


It’s as simple as that.


Now, if that sounds appealing to you, I’d like to invite you to have a chat together so we can see if and how you can benefit from my frameworks and methods. 


During the call, I'll help you get super clear about your ideas and goals for writing a book. If you qualify for it, I'll make you an offer at the end of the call.


The call is pressure-free, and I'll only make you the offer if I think it makes sense for you and if I'd enjoy working with you.


But, first, I need to warn you — this call is not for everyone.


You should book this call if:

  • you are a growth-minded expert, coach, or consultant
  • you have genuine expertise you’ve spent years developing or ideas you want to share
  • you want to put in the work necessary to raise your profile


You should NOT book this call if:

  • you are not interested in becoming more than you are (at all levels)
  • you pose as an expert but have neither genuine expertise or ideas of your own
  • you want to cut corners and care more about appearances than substance

Talk to you soon,


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