The Cold, Hard Truth About What it Takes to Write a Compelling Book and Become a Serious Author.

You'll Never See Writing the Same Again.
After reading this manifesto, you'll never, ever feel confused again about WHAT writing a book involves and HOW to do it.
Here's what you'll learn in this manifesto:
  • How authors become authors in the first place.
  • Why 80% of American adults want to write a book, YET only 1% actually does it. (It's not pretty!)

  • ​Which dangerous mindset you should get rid of right now unless you never want to write a book.

  • Why most "book coaches" are spitting platitudes and why they do more harm than good.

  • ​The ONLY thing you actually need to write a book your audience will love and make you proud.

  • Whether or not you are ready to become an author and which next steps you should take.

  • ​By the way, there is no B.S., no fancy formatting, no sugarcoating, no feel-good talk.
  • Not responsible for hurt feelings. Truth does hurt sometimes.

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