Learning to Learn, Unlearn, & Relearn: A Mid-Journey Case Study with Rose Carmen Sustiguer

Rose Carmen Sustiguer is a life coach, trainer, and entrepreneur based in the Manila metro area, in the Philippines. Through her business, Passion2Purpose, she helps organizations strengthen their communication and team synergy through transformative and experiential coaching programs. Rose is a certified member of the John Maxwell Team and is currently completing a MA in Communication at Ateneo de Manila University, one of the leading academic institutions in the Philippines.


Before we started working together, Rose had been experiencing difficulties writing her master’s thesis on the effect of COVID-19 on Christian missions and their use of virtual communication. Despite years of studying and using English as a second language, Rose found herself stuck writing her thesis. She didn’t have strong enough foundations to complete such a significant project. She frequently experienced writer’s block, didn’t feel confident with her academic writing skills,...

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Finding the Confidence to Become an Author & Entrepreneur: A Mid-Journey Case Study with Angela Reid


Angela Reid is a qualified chef and a digital marketing expert based in Canterbury, New-Zealand. During her career, she’s worked in restaurants, hotels, and franchise food businesses across New-Zealand and the United Kingdom. She is also trained as a digital marketer and works at ClickFunnels, a leading U.S.-based direct response marketing company. Her whole life, Angela has been passionate about the food industry. She is currently building her business creating content for artisan food businesses.


Before we started working together, Angela had always liked writing. She wanted to build a meaningful business using her digital marketing expertise to help food artisan businesses. Early in her life, however, a few terrible English teachers made her experience writing unpleasant. As she pursued a career in the food industry, Angela never thought much of writing as a professional vocation.


Following her career as a chef, Angela learned various digital marketing skills....

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Taking Ultimate Ownership of Long-Owned Wisdom: A Mid-Journey Case Study with Dr. David Diehl

Dr. David Diehl has been involved with people development for nearly 45 years. He has extensively studied and researched human behavior and learning, and has delivered inspiration, motivation, education, and meaningful insight to a variety of audiences. He makes every one-on-one coaching session relevant, and every event a memorable experience. He does this by placing a large emphasis on delivering active and engaging, actionable content.


When we started working together, Dr. Diehl had recently retired from the Houston Community College, where he worked in various academic and executive roles for close to 15 years. He was also growing his professional coaching business, which he had launched to stay involved in people development. Despite a lifetime of successes as well as numerous academic and professional achievements, Dr. Diehl couldn’t bring himself to write the book he had long wanted to. He wished to write a book that encapsulates the experience, knowledge, and...

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Why I am a Writing Conservative

books philosophy writing Sep 10, 2020


I have something to confess to you.


Some may be turned off by it at first but, should you follow me until the end, you’ll be rewarded with insights into what’s made me successful as a writer and writing coach.


I am a conservative.


This is not a political argument. This is a philosophical one. As a writer, as a writing coach, I am conservative. My process is old-school; it's grounded in ancient teachings.


Why? Because history doesn’t lie, and humility is the best policy. For centuries, people have developed the disciplines that make for great writing (grammar, logic, and rhetoric.)


For centuries, people have had a massive impact using these three disciplines known together as the Trivium. They have studied, refined, and executed the Trivium and achieved great success.


The clients I work with are amazed by how the Trivium changes them. Put like this, though, it may be unclear why that...

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The Little Secret Everyone Should Know to Write Their Book and Stand Out as an Expert in Their Field

arguments books writing Sep 10, 2020


People hate my guts when I argue with them.


And it’s because I’ve learned a little secret everyone should use to write their book and become an expert in their field.


So, last night I got into a heated debate with my parents.


That’s very typical in my family — no big deal — and I’ll spare you the details of the argument. For context, we started talking about economics and then the debate went to a bunch of places.


We went as far back as the Big Bang, if you're curious to know.


Anyway, I had a very clear point to make. It was nothing too controversial, nothing too provocative. But it was a point that’s arguable...


... which is why we were arguing over it. Ha!


But my parents kept taking some points of my argument, assuming what I thought, and argued over those very points. In some cases, these mini-debates were legitimate. In some others, they weren't.


When we write or speak,...

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Why triggering people and getting judged is necessary for success

emotions psychology writing Sep 10, 2020


Triggering people and getting judged is necessary for writing success.


If you’re wanting your audience to hear your message, your best bet is to make yourself prone to judgement and being embarrassed.



Because negative emotions get people to pay attention to our ideas. When you provoke, you give your audience a chance to hear your message or learn from your expertise.


You make them assume something about you or what you think. You make them angry. You contradict something they dearly believe in. But, in the end, your point is more subtle than that provocative statement…


… which your readers will have ample time to find out by reading your text. And, trust me, they will because once they think they’ve “got you,” they will want to confirm they’re right.


Soon, however, they find out they’re half right, if right at all. Now they are forced to conclude you are not who they thought you were....

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What to do if your communication isn't effective enough

grammar writing Sep 10, 2020


Do you feel like your communication isn’t effective enough?


I challenge you to consider the Classical Trivium, which is what I use to teach my clients how to write books compellingly, and master it.


The Classical Trivium is made of three intertwined disciples: grammar, logic, and rhetoric.

They are all equally important. For example, if you only master grammar, but not logic and rhetoric, your communication is nonsensical. You say or write things that are grammatically correct but that don’t add up.


On the other hand, if you have a strong grasp of logic, but you don’t master rhetoric and grammar, you come off as mechanical and difficult to understand. There is no style, no structure.


On the other hand (is that a phrase?), if you only master the art of rhetoric, and you downplay logic and grammar, you are engaging in sophism. You’re like the sleazy sham wow commercials.


I’m exaggerating, but you get the point.


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What to do if you keep getting busted by the grammar police

books grammar writing Sep 10, 2020


Do you keep getting busted by the grammar police?


I know how annoying it can be when you’re trying to write something as a non-professional writer, and your work always comes back from your writer friend or editor with significant edits.


In this video, Russell Brunson and Dean Graziosi talk about their experiences writing books. Graziosi recalls how he paid a lump sum to a ghostwriter, who write him a book Graziosi never released because he hated it.


Brunson mentions how he received a manuscript back from an editor with so many edits he couldn't even hear his voice. He said he would rather sound like himself than be gramatically correct.


Here's the problem: we were taught grammar in a way that makes it nearly impossible to find our writer’s voice AND be grammatical at once. 


Most of the time, we’re taught grammar — by teachers or books — from a negative perspective. We’re told what not...

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When to Write a Book: 7 Screaming Signs You’re Ready to Write a Book and Publish It

books expertise writing Jul 31, 2020

How to Know When the Timing is Right for You to Write a Book

So you've had a book inside of you for years, if not decades. You want to share your message, ideas, or expertise in a book that'll change people's lives. But you don't know if the timing is right.

Like any other investment, the sooner you write and publish a book the better. But you need to be at a certain place in your life and career to make the best out of the project. Although anybody can write a book on what they know, not everybody should.

Here are seven screaming signs that you're ready to write and publish a book:

1. You're still in the season of learning but you want to teach too.

You’ve spent years developing your expertise and, even though you’ve become extremely knowledgeable in your field, you feel you still have so much to learn.

You shouldn't write a book unless you have genuine expertise and can help your audience. That said, you should also feel hungry to...

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