Why triggering people and getting judged is necessary for success

emotions psychology writing Sep 10, 2020


Triggering people and getting judged is necessary for writing success.


If you’re wanting your audience to hear your message, your best bet is to make yourself prone to judgement and being embarrassed.



Because negative emotions get people to pay attention to our ideas. When you provoke, you give your audience a chance to hear your message or learn from your expertise.


You make them assume something about you or what you think. You make them angry. You contradict something they dearly believe in. But, in the end, your point is more subtle than that provocative statement…


… which your readers will have ample time to find out by reading your text. And, trust me, they will because once they think they’ve “got you,” they will want to confirm they’re right.


Soon, however, they find out they’re half right, if right at all. Now they are forced to conclude you are not who they thought you were....

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