The Little Secret Everyone Should Know to Write Their Book and Stand Out as an Expert in Their Field

arguments books writing Sep 10, 2020


People hate my guts when I argue with them.


And it’s because I’ve learned a little secret everyone should use to write their book and become an expert in their field.


So, last night I got into a heated debate with my parents.


That’s very typical in my family — no big deal — and I’ll spare you the details of the argument. For context, we started talking about economics and then the debate went to a bunch of places.


We went as far back as the Big Bang, if you're curious to know.


Anyway, I had a very clear point to make. It was nothing too controversial, nothing too provocative. But it was a point that’s arguable...


... which is why we were arguing over it. Ha!


But my parents kept taking some points of my argument, assuming what I thought, and argued over those very points. In some cases, these mini-debates were legitimate. In some others, they weren't.


When we write or speak,...

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