When to Write a Book: 7 Screaming Signs You’re Ready to Write a Book and Publish It

books expertise writing Jul 31, 2020

How to Know When the Timing is Right for You to Write a Book

So you've had a book inside of you for years, if not decades. You want to share your message, ideas, or expertise in a book that'll change people's lives. But you don't know if the timing is right.

Like any other investment, the sooner you write and publish a book the better. But you need to be at a certain place in your life and career to make the best out of the project. Although anybody can write a book on what they know, not everybody should.

Here are seven screaming signs that you're ready to write and publish a book:

1. You're still in the season of learning but you want to teach too.

You’ve spent years developing your expertise and, even though you’ve become extremely knowledgeable in your field, you feel you still have so much to learn.

You shouldn't write a book unless you have genuine expertise and can help your audience. That said, you should also feel hungry to...

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