Why I am a Writing Conservative

books philosophy writing Sep 10, 2020


I have something to confess to you.


Some may be turned off by it at first but, should you follow me until the end, you’ll be rewarded with insights into what’s made me successful as a writer and writing coach.


I am a conservative.


This is not a political argument. This is a philosophical one. As a writer, as a writing coach, I am conservative. My process is old-school; it's grounded in ancient teachings.


Why? Because history doesn’t lie, and humility is the best policy. For centuries, people have developed the disciplines that make for great writing (grammar, logic, and rhetoric.)


For centuries, people have had a massive impact using these three disciplines known together as the Trivium. They have studied, refined, and executed the Trivium and achieved great success.


The clients I work with are amazed by how the Trivium changes them. Put like this, though, it may be unclear why that would make me a conservative in the first place.


Isn't this what we should all strive for?


In today’s age, book coaches are everywhere pretending all you need is a cheat sheet, a template, and the like. They say you can write as you speak. They say you can write a book in 30 days in 10-minute bursts of madness…


It's false. You can’t. You actually have to know how to write a good book. You have to nail the fundamentals. It isn't difficult, it doesn't take much time, and you already have the skills to do it…


… but you need to learn still. You need to become aware.


The book coaches parading with their new, sexy frameworks are so high on the opportunity to “raise your profile” they forget the fundamentals.


Friends, there is no shortcut to impact, influence, and leadership.


If you want your place at the table, you need a well-crafted book that will leave a lasting impression. You need to learn the craft through the Trivium.


Otherwise, you are another sheep in the herd.


My position makes me a conservative because it isn’t the default position. Not anymore. There used to be a time when we could all agree that the Trivium was important, but gone are these days — long gone.


If book coaches sought to conserve the time-proven process that impacted our civilization the most, I wouldn’t need to call myself a conservative.


But until then, I’ll keep calling myself one.


Read well. Think well. Write well.


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