Taking Ultimate Ownership of Long-Owned Wisdom: A Mid-Journey Case Study with Dr. David Diehl

Dr. David Diehl has been involved with people development for nearly 45 years. He has extensively studied and researched human behavior and learning, and has delivered inspiration, motivation, education, and meaningful insight to a variety of audiences. He makes every one-on-one coaching session relevant, and every event a memorable experience. He does this by placing a large emphasis on delivering active and engaging, actionable content.


When we started working together, Dr. Diehl had recently retired from the Houston Community College, where he worked in various academic and executive roles for close to 15 years. He was also growing his professional coaching business, which he had launched to stay involved in people development. Despite a lifetime of successes as well as numerous academic and professional achievements, Dr. Diehl couldn’t bring himself to write the book he had long wanted to. He wished to write a book that encapsulates the experience, knowledge, and wisdom he’s developed over the years, but he felt daunted by the project.


Dr. Diehl’s relationship to writing is one most people can relate to. Although he’d written his whole life — including an Ed.D. dissertation, articles, and other publications —, he didn’t regard himself as a writer, let alone an author. He could write well, but he wasn’t conscious of how he could do it for a general audience. Furthermore, he felt vulnerable at the thought of revealing his writing capacities to the world. However, since we have started working together, many things have changed.


For one thing, Dr. Diehl has become keenly aware of his potential for writing impactful books. By tapping into past experiences, he’s discovered a wealth of stories that can help readers develop themselves. He has built a clear idea of what exactly he should write and what he shouldn’t write. We found out that the book he initially thought he would write wasn’t the one he should write now.


A great moment during the first half of Dr. Diehl’s journey planning and writing the book. After a few weeks of working together, Dr. Diehl felt he had taken full ownership of his ideas and book project. I had been teaching him the fundamentals of writing and advising him. Even though he felt much growth, the book project nonetheless didn’t feel his yet. Time paid off, however, as things quickly changed.


Dr. Diehl grew in confidence and was able to take ownership of his ideas. He developed a book project that is not only his, but that is also the best it could be. He attributes the ownership process to his taking the time to think through his concepts, learn the fundamentals of good writing, and create an infrastructure sequentially. As we worked together, Dr. Diehl perfected his writing by growing his awareness. He has come to understand how grammar and mechanics contribute to making writing engaging to the reader.


Since he’s grown in confidence, successfully planned his book, and learned the fundamentals of great writing, Dr. Diehl is working on the first draft of his book. His work is tentatively titled The Umbrella Mindset, which should be released early in 2021. If you’d like to know more about Dr. Diehl as well as his coaching and consulting services, visit dediehlcoaching.com/.


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