Learning to Learn, Unlearn, & Relearn: A Mid-Journey Case Study with Rose Carmen Sustiguer

Rose Carmen Sustiguer is a life coach, trainer, and entrepreneur based in the Manila metro area, in the Philippines. Through her business, Passion2Purpose, she helps organizations strengthen their communication and team synergy through transformative and experiential coaching programs. Rose is a certified member of the John Maxwell Team and is currently completing a MA in Communication at Ateneo de Manila University, one of the leading academic institutions in the Philippines.


Before we started working together, Rose had been experiencing difficulties writing her master’s thesis on the effect of COVID-19 on Christian missions and their use of virtual communication. Despite years of studying and using English as a second language, Rose found herself stuck writing her thesis. She didn’t have strong enough foundations to complete such a significant project. She frequently experienced writer’s block, didn’t feel confident with her academic writing skills, and needed to fill in some gaps as far as the process goes.


Besides her academic studies, Rose manages a family-owned college, filling her schedule and making her writing time limited. The time constraints made things all the more difficult for her to complete her thesis. Hence, Rose was looking for a quick, practical method to help her write better, faster, and more effectively. She was also in need of someone who could provide honest, constructive feedback on her work to complete her master’s thesis in time.


Both dedicated and perseverant, Rose is a growth-minded individual who has writing ambitions beyond her master’s thesis. A follower of John C. Maxwell, the internationally respected leadership expert and bestselling author, she plans to write several books throughout her career. However, when we first met, she was aware she needed to challenge herself. She also knew she needed to dive deeper into the nature of writing if she wanted to follow her hero’s path.


While working together, Rose has experienced several breakthroughs with regards to the philosophy and structure of writing. She has also grown significantly in areas such as grammar and mechanics. It has been a transformative journey for her. She has had to learn how to unlearn certain notions and relearn new ones more appropriate for her goals. Today she feels more comfortable and confident writing for an academic audience and compellingly sharing stories.


Improving her writing and making significant progress in her thesis has helped Rose move forward in her overall career goals. She is more passionate than ever about the writing craft. Our work together has brought her a new perspective on writing, which she was unaware of and has made her grow intellectually. Rose pointed out how our work has led her to realize how simple writing truly is when you learn to separate all the different levels and components. 


Rose is now working on completing her thesis and other academic requirements for her MA in Communication at Ateneo de Manila University. She is rapidly growing as a writer and will be undertaking other writing projects following her MA thesis’s completion. To know more about Rose, you can visit her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/rcsustiguer/about/.


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