Finding the Confidence to Become an Author & Entrepreneur: A Mid-Journey Case Study with Angela Reid


Angela Reid is a qualified chef and a digital marketing expert based in Canterbury, New-Zealand. During her career, she’s worked in restaurants, hotels, and franchise food businesses across New-Zealand and the United Kingdom. She is also trained as a digital marketer and works at ClickFunnels, a leading U.S.-based direct response marketing company. Her whole life, Angela has been passionate about the food industry. She is currently building her business creating content for artisan food businesses.


Before we started working together, Angela had always liked writing. She wanted to build a meaningful business using her digital marketing expertise to help food artisan businesses. Early in her life, however, a few terrible English teachers made her experience writing unpleasant. As she pursued a career in the food industry, Angela never thought much of writing as a professional vocation.


Following her career as a chef, Angela learned various digital marketing skills. She also acquired significant experience, hoping to launch her business. Because of her strong technical abilities, she found employment at ClickFunnels, a leading American direct-response marketing company. Despite her knowledge and experience, though, things weren’t moving as far as her business was concerned. She wasn’t making much progress as she lacked clarity on what to offer and how to offer it. She often struggled to communicate her thoughts and what she could offer in writing.


Although Angela thought that offering writing services for artisan food business was a brilliant idea, she didn’t feel comfortable doing it yet. She wanted something tangible to showcase what she could do. As we got to know each other after meeting in an entrepreneurial community, it became clear that she should develop her writing skills. It also became evident that Angela should put her expertise into a compelling, concise book that artisan food business owners could learn from. Doing so would not only help her get the right mindset, strategies, and techniques, but it would also provide her with experience.


While working together, Angela surprised herself as far as her writing proficiency is concerned. She gained extra clarity on her expertise, discovered her zone of genius, and improved her language skills. She came to understand that she was already familiar with the strategies and techniques necessary for excellent writing; she simply had never been aware of them. In other words, no one had ever shown her an approach that covers all the fundamentals of writing in a quick, practical, engaging way.


Angela not only got laser-focused on her expertise, but she also made significant changes and improvements in her business. Whereas she didn’t have the confidence to go all-in with her online business, she has created a new offer that gets positive feedback. She’s also joined a renowned U.S-based, high-end marketing and business mastermind to build on her business skills — something she had been putting off.


Angela is now working on the first draft of her book, Stop Leaving Money on the Table: A Guide For Artisan Food Business Owners to Make More Sales. Her book should be released by the end of the yearAngela is also growing her business, where she designs online sales funnels and writes social media content for food artisan business owners. If you’d like to know more about Angela and her digital marketing services, visit her website:


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