What to do if your communication isn't effective enough

grammar writing Sep 10, 2020


Do you feel like your communication isn’t effective enough?


I challenge you to consider the Classical Trivium, which is what I use to teach my clients how to write books compellingly, and master it.


The Classical Trivium is made of three intertwined disciples: grammar, logic, and rhetoric.

They are all equally important. For example, if you only master grammar, but not logic and rhetoric, your communication is nonsensical. You say or write things that are grammatically correct but that don’t add up.


On the other hand, if you have a strong grasp of logic, but you don’t master rhetoric and grammar, you come off as mechanical and difficult to understand. There is no style, no structure.


On the other hand (is that a phrase?), if you only master the art of rhetoric, and you downplay logic and grammar, you are engaging in sophism. You’re like the sleazy sham wow commercials.


I’m exaggerating, but you get the point.


Grammar, logic, and rhetoric all go together. You can’t separate them. If you’re wanting to communicate clearly and compellingly, you need to hit that sweet middle, Mastery.


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