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Have you considered the impact you could make to empower others with writing?

Did you know writing a compelling, lasting book isn't as hard as we're led to believe?

How would you like to become a compelling author in 16 weeks or less?

Like most people, you may be struck by Socrates Syndrome...

But you're in the right place to overcome it!

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Socrates, the famous ancient thinker, never wrote anything. He preferred to speak.

But Socrates went down in history as philosophy’s biggest mystery. Today, no one knows what he truly meant. While Socrates didn’t have to write to leave a legacy, you’re in a different situation. After all, you’re not a Greek philosopher taught by Prodikos; you’re a modern person who wants to impact people’s lives during your lifetime. So let’s cure you of Socrates Syndrome. And you are in the right place because with Stellar Writing you can learn to:

Write Quickly, Painlessly, & Effectively

You can have it all. You can write effectively without tears and without wasting time. With the right strategies and techniques, speed, effectiveness, and ease are not mutually exclusive.

Fall in Love With the Writing Process

Your terrible high school English teacher should not dictate your ability to get ahead in your career or business. With the right method and frameworks, you too can love the writing process.

Become Unforgettable With Words

The ultimate goal of writing is for people to never forget you after they've encountered your ideas, your message, or your expertise. We can make you the most eloquent person you know.

Now, I Know — Writing a Book Can Feel Confusing, Hard, Time-Consuming...

I know the blocks, the barriers, the frustrations, and the fears. I've helped hundreds of people with their writing. I've seen it all and solved it all with the Stoic Writing Method.

But wait... What is the Stoic Writing Method?

I'm glad you ask because the Stoic Writing Method is not simply the best way to write and publish a book, but it's also a pathway to success & opportunities.

The Stoic Writing Method is the methodology used at Stellar Writing to write and publish books. It's based on the teachings of Stoic philosophers, who emphasized detaching ourselves from emotion to live better lives.

Although we need emotions in our writing, we need to understand the writing process and the writing craft from a place of reason and objectivity. We need to put our emotions in the right place: on the page, not in the process.

In other words, we need a system to take away the confusion, doubts, and writer's block.

The Stoic Writing Method is a system that makes writing and publishing a book easy, effective, and engaging. It's based on and emphasizes the four Stoic virtues: wisdom, courage, temperance, and justice. It places great emphasis on the Trivium (grammar, logic, and rhetoric).

According to Plato, the Trivium constitutes the foundation for a classical education.

In today's world, the Trivium is no longer taught with care and with simplicity. Yet the Trivium can empower anybody to reach higher levels of success. Someone who writes well thinks well and communicates clearly, convincingly.

Someone who writes well can not only write and publish books but also will never go hungry.

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