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Why Learn the Trivium Method of Writing?

The Trivium Method dates as far back as the days of Ancient Greece, yet it is still as relevant as it can be today. The method is timeless, universal, and proven. After guiding our civilization's best men and women, The Trivium Method continues to be the most effective vehicle to make an impact and leave a legacy.

Craft Your Signature & Legacy

You need more than branding and marketing. You need your very own signature, the summation of your ideas and ideals, in a form that can be left behind. A good book creates both your signature and legacy.

Get More Business & Opportunities

Despite all the new technologies, writing and publishing a book remains the best source of authority and trust. Most people agree there is nothing quite like publishing a book when it comes to increasing exposure, sales, and opportunities.

Become the Most Compelling You

Writing a compelling book by following a proven process will force you to frame, prioritize, and order your ideas. It will not only make increase your income, but it will make you a more sophisticated and interesting writer and speaker.

Who is the Trivium Method For?

The Trivium Method works the best with people who are lifelong learners, have expertise, and wish to make an impact with their writing. The method is designed for those who want to become effective writers while becoming the most compelling version of themselves.

What is the Trivium Method and How Does it Work?

The Trivium Method works with some of our civilization’s oldest concepts: Grammar, Logic, & Rhetoric. The method allows you to perfect your use of language, your conceptualization, your creation, and delivery — the necessary skills to write a quality book without pain.

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Meet Léandre Larouche.

Howdy! Thanks for checking out Stellar Writing. I'm Léandre, an author, writing coach, consultant, and founder of Stellar Writing.

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Current Clients

I'm proud to be working with a select group of high achievers and visionaries who want to increase their influence and impact. I teach my clients the writing process from A to Z, help them improve their writing, and accompany them as they write their books. I pride myself on working with people in all disciplines, people coming from a wide array of backgrounds.

Angela Reid

Lincoln, NZ.

Former History Steward, Former Chef, Former Technical Officer in Chemistry, Digital Marketing Expert for Culinary Businesses.

Read about Angela's writing journey here.

Cierra Lueck

Elgin, OK

Strategic Engagement Expert, Public Speaker, and Movement Maker.


Dr. David E. Diehl

Houston, TX.

Retired Executive Director, Instructional Engagement & Development at Houston Community College / Mindset Transformation Coach.

Read about Dr. Diehl's writing journey here.


RC Sustiguer

Metro Manila, Philippines.

Certified John Maxwell Trainer and Facilitator, Speakerpreneur at Passion2Purpose Leadership Consultancy. 

Read about Rose's writing journey here.

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